My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

Traditionally, most hospitals and infection control officers manage their hand hygiene programs through a mixture of sporadic video presentations or training courses.

Menu Home page About us Campaigns Implementation tools and resources Evidence, guidelines and publications Work in countries News and events. The development of the bioproduct concept has now advanced to the stage of the first implementation decisions.

The system incorporates varying degrees of reporting and real time monitoring. As handwashing compliance increases, the risk of healthcare-associated infections HAIs decreases and patient outcomes improve. Curr Infect Dis Rep ; SureWash can be further customised to deliver the core learning content in multiple languages.

HAI Resources for Healthcare Workers and the Public Georgia Department of Public Health

Better Outcomes Sustained. Several studies suggest that the frequency of hand cleansing is determined by the accessibility of hand hygiene facilities.

With reduced funding, it is increasingly challenging to achieve the goals of the programme. Environmental Hygiene Audit Tools.

WHO Hand hygiene monitoring and feedback

Do you need some help and support to develop your audits to be a more efficient part of your hospital's overall auditing programme? This difference in consistency has not been associated with better objective tolerance or higher compliance with hand cleansing in a controlled study.

Create your own poster that informs your staff on what they need to know to be safe. Robust Reporting Data is compiled to track performance by individual, department, hospital or system. This structure builds a good-natured competitive atmosphere in hand hygiene and infection control. Consumption of hand hygiene products , in particular alcohol-based handrub, is another useful indicator.

This means it can identity staff members level of compliance and participation on an ongoing basis.

Training resources for hand hygiene and hand hygiene auditing Posters. Hospital Name. SureWash Pocket provides mobile learning for staff and patients. Practicing good hand hygiene is key to reducing these numbers and, even for experts, reminders are a good idea.

Bespoke Developed Infection Prevention and Control Paperless Audit Tools

McGuckin M, Govednik J. In the context of activities for 5 May , WHO strongly encourages countries and individual health-care facilities to use the HHCApp and participate in the international data collection project launched by Hand Hygiene Australia. Highlights on the best recent papers on hand hygiene evaluation and feedback: While all of the data is stored securely within the units themselves, signing up to our Cloud solution means you have immediate access at all times to records updated in real time.