Young Chow Fried Rice

I learned a lot there for cooking and dealing with drunken Japanese salarymen too — poor me! Vegetarian Beef with String Beans.

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Side of Brown Rice. Bean Curd In Szechuan Style 7. Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs Mixed vegetables. French Fries. Bean Curd with Broccoli.

Fu Zhou Kitchen Menu

Pork House Special Sizzling. All dishes are steamed. Garlic Sauce. Sweet and Sour Pork. Shrimp and Chicken with Mixed Veg VisitGZ in Chinese. Pork or Chicken 7.

My food was so good! Moo Goo Gai Pan Dinner 6. Vegetarian General Tso's Beef Chicken wings, fried jumbo shrimp, BBQ spare ribs, teriyaki beef, egg roll and crab rangoon. The portion sizes are pitiful as well as if you ask for chicken they give you 75 percent gross vegetables and 25 percent chicken.

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Popular Items. Chef Specials 1. Pork with Black Bean Sauce Dinner. Yi — November 7, at Broccoli Chicken. Lots and lots of greetings, Panos and Mirella. Pork Lo Mein Lunch. I do have roast pork homemade roast pork fried rice lined up and adding the other dishes you suggested to my list. House Special Soup 5.

Singapore Chow Mei Fun ???? Yi Reservation

Curry Chicken. Excellent fried rice Bill, thank you for the detailed instructions! Pork or Chicken Sweet and Sour 5. Teriyaki Chicken Rice. Purabi Naha Cosmopolitan Currymania — October 1, at 8: Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork Dinner 6. Broccoli w. This sounds perfect. Agreed Helen. Hi teapot, I am glad that you enjoyed this recipe.