She's a Man in Japan

Super Mario Bros. Absolutely no reason at all.

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Sam Register originally pitched the idea of Puffy AmiYumi having their own television series on Cartoon Network and afterwards Renegade Animation developed a test short on April 22, in hopes of making the channel greenlight the show's production.

In comparison, the anime made Tate more masculine looking. The Cat Returns: Community Showcase More.

Young Marvelman, and for Mary Marvel Although to be sure Jolly Jumper's sex was a bit ambiguous to start with. In the Hindi dub, Brock's Happiny was referred to as a male.

They hand waved it later, by explaining no, his name's really Dennis and he impersonates a girl while in the human world — then this is, apparently, never spoken of again.

They'd repeat this trick in future seasons when necessary: Since that didn't translate well, the English dubs just used male pronouns. A lot of times, when a language does not have gender-neutral pronouns, an animal will be referred to as a "he" or "she" depending on the "gender" of the word of the species if gender is unknown or does not matter. Sometimes the "thing" in question is a character's sex. Cartoon Network did not acknowledge the show again until , when Ami and Yumi appeared on Cartoon Network's 20th anniversary poster.

It premiered in on the Cartoon Network's block of Kabel eins. It's even lampshaped: Incredibly, the decidedly female-looking Kurenai spoke in a male's voice at her first appearance in the first Hungarian dub. In the sequel series, the same happened with Opossumon Powerpuff Girls Z: Note that despite the title, this applies to changes in either direction, not just male to female.

It also seems capable of running on autopilot, as Kaz, Ami, and Yumi are sometimes sitting in the rear cabin of the bus while traveling. After he showed up again after falling in love with an obviously female Octopus Woman, he was treated as a guy, without any comment.

This was a problem for some time with Zophise Zofis in Zatch Bell! Several games refer to this while others keep it ambiguous. In the original Hungarian dub of The Seventh Brother the Magpie is a male character but in the English version it's female.

During the first season, the show included live-action clips of the real Ami and Yumi making childish commentary in English and non-subtitled Japanese at the beginning and end of each episode.