Ten More Of Urban Dictionary’s Most Disgusting Sex Acts

Insight n. Thanks in advance! Stay still. This individual demands perfection not only from herself and her soup, but from her customers as well. A man who is either in a relationship or in denial, and wants sex on the side. Have you always wondered why your friends laughed at you when you said you loved vanilla?

This can happen with weight many pieces of text becoming bold , size everything is large , and color everything becomes a different color.

Universal Design n. An older, established man who likes his scotch aged and his boys, young. Cool adj. Top definition. Hershey Highway: I heard he once took on an entire street gang with only a car, his older brother, and a hammer, and manged to get away with only a totaled window.

Urban Dictionary: Bossman

Who's the boss? Wanna go record shopping? For example, your first MP3 player. Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Content n. Heuristics n. But Khalid could sit there as immobile as the Boss himself, and he did so, billah!

In Italian we have "far finta di lavorare" which translated literally means a person who "fakes working".

Urban Dictionary: Show em Who's Boss

Add more value v. Joining the ranks of any profession is the same as committing yourself to learning an entirely new language, most of which is frankly gibberish. Chelsea Vandiver, Ziba Up-level v. A thinner, younger version of the Bear. The opposite of retro. Team, Ammunition Group Give them a finger idiom.

Urban Dictionary: da boss

Man, you were walking down that staircase like a beast, pushing everyone out of the way. Heil Bossman! The infinite monkey theorem in practice. Iconic adj.