Fans feel Holly Holm got robbed of rightful rematch with Miesha Tate

Thanks for subscribing! Favorite athlete? But Tate, who is as dogged as any fighter in the UFC, kept coming. But as Tate exulted, she found time to congratulate her vanquished foe. Thousands take to Twitter to slam 'boring, politically correct' Academy Awards and demand But instead, Rousey decided to take time off and concentrate on her Hollywood career.

Richard E. For any other fighter, it would have been cause to be distracted and lose focus. Tate lunged in wildly and tackled Holm with a shot that was more football than mixed martial arts. Tate vs.

James Gallagher reacted furiously to Bellator official trying to separate him from his mother. Holm staggered to her feet and desperately tried to flip over and dislodge Tate, but it was no good. The winning move: The UFC champ is expected back in the Fall, as she is scheduled for filming in two movies.

Tate stayed on her and sunk in a rear naked choke.

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You must be logged in to vote. Subscribe for free. Long reads. Scottish tourist makes the trip home from Australia to find she had carried a And over the next two-and-a-half rounds, Holm nearly proved that to be true. Previous Next. Derrick Rossignol Try for free. A night of upsets at the Oscars: That's some sssssouvenir: Motor racing.

The pair are pictured brawling in Watch the full fight here. Alesha Dixon, 40, looks incredibly leggy in a microscopic blazer dress