5W-30 Factory Engine Oil - 1 Liter MINI Cooper

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I have to put in at least a quart a week, sometimes more. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Only 1 left! Completed Items. Most leaks are slow, see if there are fresh oil stains where you regularly park. Will this item fit my car? This protects the engine at a level exceeding industry standards.

MINI Cooper Oil Change Frequency

The Mini Cooper debuted in as a rally racing car. Save this car to my garage. I'm sure there is a local forum for mini owners. Returns Accepted. New posts. Start checking your own oil every km or so and buy a 3 or 5 litre bottle to do it from and you'll save a fortune. Remanufactured The car is running well now after the service — the knocking sound is gone.

What engine oil to use in Mini Cooper MyBroadband

It's also good to keep an extra quart in case you need to top off your oil. However, any more than that or any faster than that is considered excessive oil consumption and indicates a problem.

After a recent gasket change to end leaks I was told the refill was with 5 w 30 Mini oil, in place of the Mobil one that was not that old. Search Inventory: It's about a 3 hour job for a trained mechanic.

Your MINI, like other premium European auto makes, requires synthetic oil to meet it's needs for higher performance. Mon - Thu 9: If the light is functioning but never came on when engine is running, then your engine should be fine and probably your problem was not related to oil level. Home Reviews Services Terms and Conditions.

Wix 31, There seems to be different "specs" of oil with 0w 40w numbers which I don't know what it means really. They reported that it was very low on oil in the engine very strange as, the car is well maintained and I check the levels often. Joined Jan 22, Messages 73, Its in the manual.

Yip http: Your E-Mail and or password are incorrect. Add to Wishlist. However, oil can only do so much, and it starts to become less effective. Do you guys request a specific brand of oil when you have your car serviced or do you just let the service center or technician put in what he wants? Register now. Gen3 oil filter housing has a drain plug for draining oil from the filter.

Used Cars for Sale. Don't forget to check for leaks too!