Baldor Iron-Shaper

Skyrim Dragonborn: Talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper

When I try to do this, he just says "Terrible times" and nothing happens. Yea and ive done all i know to do ive even mined that stahjim or whatever its called and bought a sword made of it and crafted it on the grindstone and still no achievement Posted by Gunrunner on 05 Dec 12 at What the hell can i do? The smith doesn't need rescuing at all because he's still in the town.

I'll just buy the items. Fastest way to get there is to fast travel to Raven Rock and go Northeast. Just grabbed this. Do not fail. I am a die hard Skyrim gamer. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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I'd say if you know how to forge ebony, then you know everything you need to know in order to forge Stalhrim. I give you the Word of Power that you need to challenge Miraak. You're the one who freed the Skaal from the dark spell. Posted by totemman16 on 05 Dec 12 at I love Skyrim but I hate the fact that any accidental death of some minor character can screw up a complete strand of a major quest.

He'll let you keep it. He wears a Skaal coat with matching boots and gloves , and he carries a steel mace , the key to his house, and a selection of common items and gold. Just be sure to bring an ancient Nord pickaxe with you. The steps to the west lead to the basement where the kidnapped Baldor Iron-Shaper can be found. I just bought tha needed materials and still cant make what i need. Date Posted: Article Series This article is part 12 of a 21 part series.

I Can't find Baldor! Ariekanarie says: Skyrim Dragonborn Walkthrough Part 6: Posted by Pisboy Sparxx on 26 Jan 17 at Go to Raven Rock Mine, convince Crescius to give you the pickaxe, and then return it to the blacksmith. It consists of one area: In order to learn the ability to craft using Stalhrim, make your way to the Skaal Village in the northeast part of Solstheim the main story of Dragonborn will take you there at several points, and you may need to progress a bit in the main story in order to open up the needed sidequest.

It is the only way to free Solstheim forever from Miraak's shadow. Travel to Solstheim.

Dragonborn: Skaal Village Locations

First things first: Death, I did that same thing my first play through. We will miss you, but do not worry. All rights reserved. But on one of my quests it didn't start so I talked to everyone in the village may not work