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The Aardvark must try to catch the Ant, while trying to stay away from the lifeguard who thinks he is a dog. While the game's events take place at an island resort, most of the events take place on land or indoors.

Most notable is episode "Monkees at the Movies". Roommates has some too the third part of the First Vacation Arc , and arguably also the Second a tubing trip mixed with Road Trip Plot. Basara doesn't care. One was a Something Completely Different chapter that turned the manga into a high school drama, and the other was a regular chapter, where the Department of City Security were on break and the ACROSS girls were trying to win a Birdman competition. The fact that the protagonists are Mermaids certainly helps.

Hayato doesn't care.

Beach Episode

Like the above, Hilarity Ensues. Yes, this is a real game, and no, it's not very good. Part 3". She ends up okay though. Comic Books.

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The third season-opener for Growing Pains , titled "Aloha," was set in Hawaii. Baby Steps: Marika bemoans being unable to wear a swimsuit. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A lighter issue of Strangers in Paradise takes place on the beach following a serious story arc. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5th season opener starts out as a beach episode, but mere minutes in, Willow ignites a cookout fire with a spell that causes an elemental imbalance and a sudden storm.

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Paladins has a seasonal Summer chest that contains revealing beach skins for Cassie and Lex, along with star-spangled weapon skins for the 4th of July.

Being Ian: The city of Brighton has been featured in the following films:. Areas of Cape Cod and the South Coast should see the highest rainfall totals in the state. Especially Sarah, though Ellie and Devon at times got in on the action.

Suzaku doesn't know where to look. Live-Action TV. Particularly with the scenes involving Greg surfing and having his surfing accident , Greg later going girl watching and later the episode-clinching luau.