10 Tips to Pack Brilliant Eco-Friendly School Lunches (& Avoid Wasting Food)

How kids get through the afternoon without lunch is a mystery to me. See all of my blog posts. Keep it cold. Great tips, Katie! Thanks for the giveaway. She starts kindergarten in two weeks. Your information will not be shared with any third party and you can unsubscribe at any time. Plus she insisted on hand washing the minute students entered the classroom and frequently throughout the day.

A Month of School Lunch Ideas

Posted by TheKimSix Fix on 5: You are lucky — having no idea about picky eaters. I wish my daughter would eat any of those things. I'm the founder and boss lady here at Kitchen Stewardship -- welcome aboard! Check out these kid-friendly and healthy lunch recipes , too. June 6, at Thank you! They take too long to chew.

That just went officially on my ebook ideas list! I have 2 to pack everyday.

Rock The Lunchbox - School Lunchbox Ideas - Family Fresh Meals

A couple of homemade cookies were packed for each day. This is just fun. How Murray got her groove back. The healthy kind - not the stuff filled with candy!! Recipe Rating. Like the book lists, the learning activities are sorted by age. You can also freeze yogurt cups or tubes, applesauce or fruit cups, and even the meat and cheese sandwich! Peanut butter is ubiquitous — how about almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan or some other variety on whole-grain bread?

Sometimes she needs my help — like when I need to cut the watermelon, slice the cheese, or open a can. Which by the way I have even managed to send her hot food. I made sure not to send any other food that needed to be kept cold that day, and it worked great! Tortilla chips. We would go together to get her stuff and she got to decide. Buy the most nutritious tortillas you can find and cut them up for baking preferably or frying.