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Retrieved from " https: Feb 22, It unlocks a Google "cheat mode" that will make you laugh. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you asked most people where the Konami Code first appeared they would probably say Contra , which is a common misconception. It's a little more surprising, however, when a Fisher Price toy throws in a joke for the grown-ups. Latest News. Insert the Konami code. The code, to this day, has been inserted into over Konami games. Skip to content WordPress.

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It's nice to see Easter eggs making a resurgence since they have been largely frowned upon by the tech industry in recent years, with Microsoft formally banning them from its software in March 2, at Start of Article. Meow go on over and try it out. Researchers went through a database of 2 billion tweets and found a disturbing pattern. Using it would unlock extra difficulties or gallery modes, and sometimes would address the player with hidden messages.

Same way you win at everything: In addition, the effect of giving the player thirty lives would be passed down from game to game. The Konami Code went on to become the most famous cheat code in gaming, appearing in well over titles —from Contra in , where it provided 30 extra lives, to the reboot of NBA Jam in , where it unlocked the Beastie Boys as playable characters.

We'll walk you through a practice round. Entering it with directions reversed, however, would unlock a hidden stage select and options mode. The Division 2 showcases endgame in new trailer. The great white shark's genetic healing powers have been decoded: But how do you "win" at this endless game Fisher Price concocted?

Here's a little twist on the code: Players discovered and shared the code.

Konami Code triggers Easter egg on Facebook too

I don't mean the code itself, I mean how it's implemented. Contra was not an easy game and thirty lives was a much more reasonable amount of lives to complete the game with, especially if you were a more casual player. You can also find a reference to the code in the queue to meet the Wreck-It Ralph characters at Disney's Hollywood Studios: