Popular Spanish Baby Girl Names

Czechoslovakian , Hebrew , Spanish , American. Female Javiera. Female Baez. Female Liocadia. Female Granada. Female Isla. That said, the variation Isabelle has earned high marks from Lance Armstrong, Kerry Washington, and Marlee Matlin, all of whom have daughters by that name. Female Garcia. Female Faustina. While most English-speaking Americans are likely more familiar with Theresa, dropping the H is a modern choice that also echoes traditional Spanish spelling conventions.

Female Graciela. O Olga name. Favourite 0 Use this space for Favourite Baby Names you like. Female Amila. See also this list of Spanish names for baby boys.

Female Feliz.

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Female Idonia. Female Luvena. Plenty of spelling variations carry it through other cultures: Female Judeen. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Female Luisetta. Female Jacinta. Marcella, with the extra L, is German and Ancient Roman at its roots.

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Female Lorezza. Female Filia. Female Leonara. Female Luminosa. Form of Mace which is a medieval weapon used by knights.

The alternatives Helena and Ileana retain the same sounds but with a few extra letters, although Elena on its own is short and sweet for any American girl. Female Guillerma. Female Amelida. Female Floriana.

Female Felicidad. Female Emeralda. Female Evelia. But the length of the name also means you can nickname your little one Ella or another variation, too. But for now, no celebrities have picked up on it, so your Clarissa would be one in a million. Greek , Latin , Spanish.