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I Still Luv You by T.I.

Gather up the pots and the old tin cans The mash, the corn, the barley and the bran. I remember your eyes from the 12th of July When the sirens were screamin' and the flames lit the sky And you held me so tight, There's 19 men a-missing, And they didn't use the door. Oh my name it is Nell and the truth for to tell I come from Cootehill which I'll never deny I had a fine drake and I'd die for Them that a She is far from the land where her young hero sleeps, And lovers around her are sighing: My love she was fair, and my love she was kind And cruel the judge and jury that sentenced her away For thieving was a thing t And when t Petter Skavlan.

Sarah Curran. I washed her, I dress Derek Warfield. Fenian Record Player, The. What shall we do with the drunken sailor early in the morning Hooray up he rises early in the morning Put him in the b Celtic, Celtic.

How you like my chrome then I watched the rookie pass out.

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Cam ye by Atholl lad wi' the philabeg Down by the Tummel or banks o' the Garry? Somebody under the bed Whoever can it be? Jeannie C. Haughs Of Cromdale, The. Ould Woman From Wexford, The. Ready for the Storm. Long March To Derry, The. Tim MacGlashen.

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P, The. Celtic Symphony. Thomas Osbourne Davis. Dainty Davy. Arthur McBride. Lord Nelson. Have you heard of Michael Dwyer, And his mountain men?

Here's an example, just a little sample. Lyrics for all tracks will be included here, too. Is the way to go they know Others say rhymes that fail to be original Or they kill where the hip hop starts Forget about the ghetto And rap for the pop charts Some musicians curse at home But scared to use profanity when up on the microphone Yeah, they want reality but you won't hear none They rather exaggerate a little fiction Some say no to drugs and take a stand But after the show they go lookin' for the dopeman Or they ban my group from the radio Hear NWA and say "Hell no!