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Meaning of "lis pendens" in the English dictionary. A lis pendens is a legal tool only used in real estate litigation. Can you gain their trust? Z Zero Lot Line. It is an effective tool in obstructing a receiver exercising his powers over the property. Real Estate Real Estate Flipping: Upfront Costs. Right Of Foreclosure The right of foreclosure describes a lender's legal right to take possession of a property when a borrower defaults on their mortgage.

The definition of lis pendens in the dictionary is a suit pending in a court that concerns the title to land. Real Estate Glossary. Fee Simple. Sectors Real estate. However, there are some actions that merit a lis pendens that are difficult for a layperson to decipher such as an eminent domain proceeding or tax issue or nuisance issue.

There is increasing frustration on the part of receivers as the bar to removing a lis pendens is considerably higher than that required to register it.

Talk to a Lawyer Pro Bono Services. In case of transfer of such immovable property, the transferee becomes bound by the result of the suit. Multi-Property Sale.

What Is a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal & Release of Lis Pendens Mean?

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In considering a request for a lis pendens stay, does it matter whether the foreign forum would grant a stay in favor of U. M Magnet School. Natural Hazard Disclosure Act. Advanced Search. Close dialog.

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What's new Court will not allow lis pendens to frustrate property sale 04 May The Lis Pendens: D Days on Redfin. The lis pendens should contain the case number and the county the action is filed in, as well as the names of the parties. A lawsuit affecting title to real estate that has not been resolved and is still The lis pendens must include a legal description of the real property, and the lawsuit must involve the property.