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Difference between Canceling and Voiding a leave in PeopleSoft. There are two main processes to calculate your workforce. Enter the deallocation approval date, and, if necessary, the frozen percentage at deallocation and freeze reason. Sign In to Post a Comment.

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The moves entered in this page are internal decisions. Frozen Percentage at Deallocat frozen percentage at deallocation. The Short Title will default the description associated with the Job Code , change if needed. Published by gautamib.

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Retrieve the AHM and all mass and transaction freezes. The system also displays authorized overstaffing or locked-in CAE.

Continue the hire process as indicated in the Employee whose status allows career data area in the Hiring Employees section. Something went wrong on our end.

How to Read FTES Reports

Creating Positions. If you change work time percentage without changing the grade, go directly to the Working Time page. When the application date is reached, the status changes from Booked Stamped to Active. The CAE margin is likewise reduced.

FTE on Job data

When you access the report, your personal settings for the report page appear. Baseline Position Budget Detail Report.

When saving the request, the system enables you to process both requests grade change and work time percentage change at the same time. This setup enables you to calculate civil service position and budget headcount as well as potential full-time equivalents PFTEs.

If the margin of the CAEC corresponding to an employee grade is not sufficient when an employee is hired, returns from leave, or is granted a promotion, you can lock in the necessary proration ratio in another CAEC. Post it in the forums section or in your preferred place or in comments section, so that we can answer it for you in detail with screen shots; Learn PeopleSoft functionality and how to use the setups and process flow offered in different modules; Hope this would give you some ideas Base Available This total is calculated based on your baseline budget minus your annualized base salary and annualized TBH salary.

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