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To delve too deeply into the show's mythology carries with it the danger that the show then becomes only for hardned fans, and I would not want to see that happen.

Added to that, the girls form a Christmas tree to fight the villain. VG Cats has several, like: Since Nightmare also encompasses the Halloween holiday, this overlay opens in late September! Moffat even added that Santa is in fact real and his whole point was to bring Clara and the Doctor together. After some Doctor-level, quick-witted timey wimeyness lands Scrooge in possession of that time-brella, he returns to the future and leaves Jiminy all alone in the past, to dwell on what he did wrong.

Through books, audio stories and TV episodes, the Doctor has many encounters with Death, and of course, there is the obvious, wherever he goes, usually death does follow. Chapter 8 had Tohru decide to throw a Christmas party. The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has the level "Blizzard of Balls", a disturbing level with parts including battling with a snowman and a reindeer and then the Nerd exacting his revenge on Santa for the years of crappy games every Christmas by killing him and going on a downhill ski with his body.

Supermarioglitchy4 releases a Christmas episode every year sometimes a week before Christmas.

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The "Was it real after all? The most striking evidence in my opinion is the absence of a wound. The event takes place in a pocket dimension populated with gingerbread people, evil snowmen, and a few Breen. Songs Snubbed by the Oscars Over the Hill: Unknown Neither the Doctor nor any of the other dreamers could tell whether they were awake or asleep. You'd almost think it was simultaneously your birthday, AND Christmas or something.

Linked Really, though, the evidence leans very heavily toward "they didn't wake up", which would have major repercussions for the rest of the series. Most decided to stay on Gallifrey and observe the universe. The Bangles revived the tradition in with an annual holiday podcast. Episode 38, about the gang setting up their Cafe for Christmas, only to have an overeager Jewelpet screw things up.

More on that in a bit.

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How utterly peaceful… and utterly boring. Scrooge, Dewey, and young Donald all learn to spend their holidays with the family that they have while they still have them. Due to the dream crabs' ability to fold one dream within another, the dreamers were also unable to tell if they were actually waking up or not. I think they've been sleeping since the episode "Listen", at the end of that episode the doctor gets a message on a black board.

This is more explicit in the manga story the film was based on, where Luna's transformation is treated as a Christmas gift.

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