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Also a certain historical resonance the Moors murderers is new. Karen is our author of the month! Fairly early on, Robinson gave Banks a young subordinate named Annie Cabbot, who became a fixture of the series herself. Anthony Horowitz.

Seems I could be briefer then. Fancied himself as a ladies man. Banks to Ken: At last a publisher called me in to talk. No disrespect to Stephen Tompkinson, but I have my doubts.

The kind of bloke who falls a little bit in love with every woman he sleeps with.

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Generally lighter in tone than previous books, almost jokey in parts. Why is everything your fault?

The same thing happened with Ian Rankin and Siobhan, I think. Lillabullero tintinnabulation in a humanist key from a Kinks fan.

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The Hanging Valley The story lines are not even loosely drawn from the books and they are pretty flat police procedurals most of the time. We like to keep the authors happy. Peter Robinson , for all my reservations about his unspectacular, at times mundane, prose and dialogue, keeps the flow going superbly and the compassion that makes Banks special is still in evidence. Remember what I said about power. Start reading When the Music's Over: Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

Yorkshire Dales and the North East mostly; Blackpool historically. Hidden categories: Privacy Policy. Why do you think if you only acted differently you could prevent people being killed?

Gallows View Retrieved 23 August He is divorced, and had a brief romance with his co-worker, DI Annie Cabbot.

Should be an interesting project, archaeological almost; there are many hints of what was to blossom, not least meeting psychological profiler Jenny Fuller so early on in the sequence. Good question. Too much to list in full, but: