Star Wars: 10 Massive Plot Holes The Prequels Stupidly Created

Rise of the Flopbuster.

10 Unproductive Decisions By Star Wars Characters – Collaboration with Glip

I have no ties to keep me interested in this franchise. In this edition of Star Wars Bits: They are very good friends of Rian Johnson. Then he seems to take his time waiting for the orbits to align so he can blow the whole moon away. That many who have watched this movie have felt utterly revulsed by it.

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He pushes too hard, sacrifices a bomber wing to take out a Dreadnaught. The Star Wars fanbase is cancer at times. Fans and critics alike tore into his performance and Star Wars: Patrick Taylor 1 dia. This year's celebration of all things related to a galaxy far, far away just so happens to be taking place roughly a month ahead of the 20th anniversary of the release of George Lucas ' initial entry in his prequel trilogy.

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Previously prominent characters like Count Dooku and Obi-Wan are also given more time and development. Name required. You are commenting using your WordPress. Jonas Richter German Creepypasta 3 meses.

Perhaps — as the movie argues, passionately — Star Wars was a mistake and does need to die. While we've all grown to love Jack Pearson Milo Ventimiglia on This Is Us , we've seen a whole different side of him through his relationship with his younger brother. At the time that Star Wars was being written and filmed, Lucas never mentioned subsequent films. Featured Posts Hidden Streams: And Mustafar, which included an ironically named miniature measuring roughly square feet that was shot for four months, and second unit footage of Mt Etna filmed while it was erupting.

Because Han told one of the key leaders of the rebellion, presumably one of the best strategic thinkers they have, not to worry her pretty little head. Luke takes his weapons into the cave, and presumably has a worse trippy experience as a result.

Dovakin Brown 6 meses. No matter what he said or what celebrities he recruited to help him, Ridley remained a vault. The emotion is just — gone. It sets out to copy The Empire Strikes Back almost beat for beat, but invert its thematic sense and meaning.

In that sense, the Prequels are no different from the Original Trilogy. Michael Bay, who generally refuses to speak about politics, is nonetheless perceived as right-wing, racist, sexist, and everything else.

We Don't Know How To Feel About Star Wars IX's Cast

For this display of, well, rebellion. Raphael 7 meses. The plot has been kept entirely under wraps. Movie posters that I love. Clear your history. Niz Breck 4 meses.