Preparing a Performance Monitoring Plan

TIPS 5: The whole module, including study of the role of projects in development and financial and economic cost-benefit analysis, is available for study as an Individual Professional Award for professional update, or as an elective in postgraduate degree programmes in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development, offered by the University of London.

The following can affect performance: Practitioners Evaluators. The situation and scenario in the project area might change from time to time. FP updates by e-mail Subscribe. Sign In. Population Reference Bureau. RA practices are also useful when there are budget constraints or limited availability of reliable secondary data.

Performance Monitoring Plan

Explain clearly the strengths and weaknesses of the data so that neither you are giving too much of the hopes from the data to the donor nor you are under performing with the collected data. TIPS 3: When well-chosen, they convey whether key objectives are achieved in a meaningful way for performance management. PMP is comprised of the following things: The frequency and timing for data collection should be based on how often data is needed for monitoring purposes, cost of data collection, and the pace of change anticipated.

The best projects are those that can flexibly adapt their design in response to emerging realities.

What is Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) & Its Contents Monitoring and Evaluation Studies

TIPS 6: Want to suggest additional resources? Basic Guide to Program Evaluation. Strategy Resources Monitoring plans should engage all project stakeholders in monitoring responsibilities. Rapid Appraisal RA is an approach that draws on multiple evaluation methods and techniques to quickly, yet systematically, collect data when time in the field is limited. Preparing a Performance Monitoring Plan A performance monitoring plan PMP is a tool used to plan and manage the collection of performance data.

Baseline study and related impact evaluation Note that a project may ideally have three different baselines, namely: Rigorous impact evaluations typically use comparison groups, composed of individuals or communities that do not participate in the program. On special occasions such as mid-term review or preparation and evaluation in relation to new phases, each project has the opportunity to change course if necessary.

This will translate into considerable savings for government budgets and investments if the analysis is done well and based on evidence.

Performance Appraisal.