How to Fix High Idle

OH, this may also be of importance, but I noticed that I was a little low on gas, so I went to fill it up. Sorry for the noob questions, but I really do feel like I'm picking up on this quite fast.

O2 sensor is located on the exhaust manifold, pending on ya car, maybe access is better froom underneath. Or replace the rotor and cap, and hell, the plugs too. ICS is usually connected to the throttle body, which is conected to the accelerator cable. Some cars are equipped with an idle air control valve to maintain idle speed. When to check for idle speed issues: My uncle has a 93 Tempo with no title that he had to tow earlier in the year; maybe I can just swap with the parts from that one?

The signal from the engine cts coolant temperature sensor could be indicating to the engine computer that tha engine is MUCH colder than it actually is. Healthy habits for anxiety?

Idling car engines may surge for several reasons

Malfunctioning Throttle: Some auto-parts chain stores will read your codes for freeā€”all you have to do is ask. Add your answer Brian will be eternally grateful. Check your oil fill cap, and make sure that it is well seated. Check your belts and belt tension. I thought i messed it up in the last cleaning to the IAC valve and wanted to replace it, but i read your article and a person was suggesting you to check your vacuum lines.

Engine idle speed is high or low Inspection Service & Cost YourMechanic Repair

Share Flipboard Email. I have a Jeep Cherokee 4. Back Answers Index. Todd 24 years of experience. Engine Intake Vacuum Leak. Cold weather can trigger this problem, and it usually corrects itself once the engine is warmed up.

When this condition exists the computer is rendered unbalanced and will not react correctly. Noah Clark Noah Clark 19 3. I don't think it's the throttle sensor that is going bad since in drive the engine is not reving up. With some cars, the onboard computer automatically revs the idle speed slightly when accessories are running, and you won't get a true idle speed if they are at work. Email Required, but never shown.