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Hospital data analyzed by Reuters show the number of newborns in North Carolina diagnosed with drug withdrawal has nearly doubled from in — the year the report was written — to in Please, if you find yourself frustrated, the safest thing you can do is put your baby in a car seat, put it on the floor and walk away for a few minutes and collect yourself.

The amendment orders states to set up systems to ensure that each case in which a baby is born drug-dependent is reported to child protection authorities.

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Some of the cases Reuters examined show the challenges social workers face even as they try to do right by the child. Trish Cofiell, county spokeswoman, said caseworkers are being trained in better ways to keep an eye on drug-using parents. Reuters filed more than Freedom of Information Act requests with federal, state, county and city agencies, and reviewed about 5, child fatality reports from across the United States to identify such cases.

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Jennifer Lacey Frazier is serving time in a Florida prison for accidentally poisoning her daughter, Jacey, who was born dependent on drugs. Most states fail to comply, Reuters found, leaving at risk thousands of children born drug-dependent each year.

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Soon, she became pregnant. Yeager would have to visit Kennedy six times a week, help the nurses care for her baby, take parenting classes, meet regularly with the social worker, and attend her own addiction recovery sessions. What went wrong Reuters identified cases since of babies and toddlers whose mothers used opioids during pregnancy and who later died preventable deaths.

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