Funny Books for Kids

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The 30 Funniest Books Ever Written

Generating hundreds of thousands of requests, Jim has painted everything from Brian Blessed punching a polar bear to Mary and Joseph being turned away from a Premier Inn by Lenny Henry, and his recent picture of Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People became an internet sensation.

A book of tips for people engaged in the increasingly popular Dry January movement, in which you give up alcohol for the whole of January. Reply with 'unsubscribe' and they'll get the hint; SPICE up a boring salad by replacing the vegetables with bacon and placing between two slices of bread; STOP your dog from pulling on its lead by walking a bit faster; PREPARE your children for office life by acting awkwardly around them in the kitchen; and, AVOID the hassle and expense of hair straighteners by not eating your crusts.

No one has ever captured the adolescent voice with such accuracy; the pretension, the self-importance, the heart-breaking sincerity and misguided passion. Does the old family ritual of ironing all clothes, including underwear, somehow seem quite reasonable today?

No more tears. Confessions of a Common Reader, Anne Fadiman.

Funny Book Lists

How to Retrain Your Appetite Dr. The book is exactly as Feldman wrote it, his great friend Mark Flanagan, had it transcribed, with even the photos inserted where Feldman had noted where they should go. The Husband - How it Works: If nothing else it's fun to say tit-bits.

Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis Mark Evans Format: Jim'll Paint It Format: The eight books in the series feature original Ladybird artwork alongside brilliantly funny, brand new text. That's our loss. Who wants the hassle of having to go to some boring building in the middle of nowhere? Picked by Esquire Editors Extract: You can steer a truck through the gap between a lie and the simple truth. That's as it should be.

Book 1. For more info on how to enable cookies, check out http: We have no map, no blueprint, no nothing. In Romps, Tots and Boffins, Robert Hutton brilliantly 'laid bare' the true meanings of the words we read in the papers. This irresistible melange of love, family, sexuality and reads like the unbelievable creation of a bored housewife, while the impact is made in the gulf that exists between what people are thinking and what they are saying. With wit, clarity and a true fan's zeal, Singh analyses such memorable episodes as 'Bart the Genius' and 'Homer ' to offer an entirely new insight into the most successful show in television history.

We all have our favourite classic novels; books that have been beloved to us since childhood, whose wonderful stories and rich tapestry of characters are unsurpassed in modern literature.

Funny Books for Kids

Falling Short Author: A Suicide Note by Martin Amis Traditional ABC books just don't reflect the busy lives of today's toddlers. James Owen Format: That day, he lost his childhood too. Probably not.