5 Best Political Apps to Help You Resist, Stay Informed, and Take Action

But few people make the effort. Local broadcast television stations comprise the largest portion of the local media market in most cities, and are the most trusted sources of information for local political races. Studies going back half a century show that a majority of Americans know next to little about government, politics or history.

5 Steps To becoming Politically-Informed

This reinforced our biases. Once I turned 18 and became eligible to vote, I thought it was mandatory to learn about how politicians can be making decisions that can impact my life, especially since I now play a part in electing them to represent me. The flip side of this social media, insta-news version of politics is that it can feel overwhelming.

It's because when people choose a TV, they realize that the decision is likely to make a difference. You can follow him on Twitter here. Have a better idea? When it does so our physical well-being improves.

Why it is important to stay informed about politics

To the degree that this is a crime, social media is a co-conspirator. And those choices are likely to be better-informed than ballot-box decisions about the same issues are. If voters are poorly informed about government policy, they will often make poor decisions.

News aggregators pull stories about similar subjects from different news sources and group them together in an email list or feed for your consumption. JR Jaya Ranmole Aug 8, Want to know more?

How Do You Become Better Politically Educated?

Jared Meyer Under It has been one helluva a year. Policymakers should realize that there are many other, more productive ways that people can vote outside of the ballot box. Share yours! Go to your town meeting; attend a town council, a school board meeting, a public hearing.

How to Become Better Informed Politically History News Network

When evaluating your preferred source of news, consider asking the following questions to determine whether you are getting relatively unbiased information: Reading those to start will give you a good idea of whether or not you want to continue with the rest of the article or move on to the next one. Learn more. Find time to talk to fellow students about books and talks they have attended, flick through a periodical analysing recent world events, or watch the final eviction on Celebrity Big Brother.

Then there are newspapers, magazines, websites. Beyond that, there are a host of issues where governments routinely pursue harmful and misguided policies that appeal to relatively ignorant voters, even though policy experts across the political spectrum recognize their flaws.

Ilya Somin is a professor of law at George Mason University. Indeed, a Pew Research Center survey found two-thirds of Americans get at least some of their news through such platforms.