Crease and Desist— Preventing Tablecloth Creases

How to Make a Round Tablecloth

I understand every step of your fabulous tutorial until the very end. Sew the two scalloped lengths together. August Thank you everyone! After ironing them out, could you lay down a sheet, lay them one on top of another, and then cover with another sheet?

If you want to save time and space, try laying all of your tablecloths out on the same table, this way, the weight of all of the other tablecloths will help flatten the ones underneath them. Linda B.

How To Fold A Tablecloth - Both Rectangular And Round Ones

I will explain how to do this in more detail further down in the post. I have illustrations showing how to do it. Edgestitch the hem in place. If your fabric has a specific design repeat, multiply the repeat distance the distance between the same design before it starts over again by the number of lengths and add that to the total inches.

Can you tell me what size table cloth is needed for a round table seating 8 people? I always love your neat ideas! I am having a hard time following the instructions because my sizing is different and I'm getting confused.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Make sure the edges are even and the fabric is smooth. Hi Kathryn — When folding the fabric in half once you have the 3 sections of the tablecloth sewn together, you simply just fold it so the edges meet.

To use the formulas above you need to know a the diameter of your table, b the length of your drop, and c the width of your fabric. If you are an old movie lover you may remember that line from the Audrey Hepburn movie Funny Face.

How to Fold a Tablecloth Like a Pro

Our current machine, we fold the tablecloth in half like a taco I'd be glad to do a quick Go To Meeting with you to better arm you for shopping and share with you how several party rental companies are prepping, feeding, and folding table linen. Bring the rounded edge toward the straight fold, so the round end meets the middle of the cloth's flat edge. It adds just that right amount of style and energy to the room.

Thanks so much for sharing the information, too. I can't seem to find a formula to get what I need. The weight of the tablecloth will smooth out most of the wrinkles and creases after being set out on the table for a little while.

I think your books would be wonderful for her.