How to breed a Diamond Dragon for DragonVale

How Was I This Lucky?! Oh yeah i tried to breed diamond by firestorm and island with the low level but it only took 3 hrs and of course didnt work out.. Archangel Flame Sun.

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And i got it at the second time.. Terra Electric Star Chameleon. Any War hybrid and Sea hybrid will also yield the same result. MrKingTigger Year ago. Try with high lv which are lv 10 or at least Your Account. How to breed Ironwood Dragon.

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I'm only 5 dragons from a fire breathing Dragonarium, so my next target will be getting all of the pedestals. How to breed a Terradiem Dragon. Level 15 Exclusives Parents must be level 15 or higher: How to breed an air dragon. Nature Ice Dandelion Mojito.

Nature Flame Spicy Firebird. Pure Sea Pure Sea. Year ago.

Backflip Studios Publisher: Level 20 Exclusives Parents must be level 20 or higher: Wahoo Gaming 12 days ago. If I breed two diamonds will I have a chance at getting a diamond dragon egg? Archived Content Hey! Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. How to breed a Aquamarine Dragon.

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D Hey guys! DragonCash Farm. How to breed a Diamond Gemstone dragon in DragonVale. Showing all comments Guest said: Dark Terra Hedgehog Venom.