Do you know about these Side Effects of Hair Retarder? Read on

Anonymous October 8, at Apply boroline at that area every night. I can't imagine a day when I don't have to shave at all!

Honest Reviews and Lifestyle Tips: Vedic Line Hair Retarder Review

You said over a long period of time hair might start falling off because they can weaker over the time. Have thicker hair all over my body. Share via.

It is safe to use on the face. Dear Shraboni, I had used it for a few months before writing this review. You can get a wax tin for around Rs 80 and the strips for Rs Sorry guys I tried but there is no disclosure of ingredients. I found just one review on this product and it was positive. Sunshine Diva Gaganpreet May 11, at 5: So, thanks for asking.

Anonymous March 18, at 4: Which small area are you referring to? I have also heard about Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor.

The finish is not totally matte. Anonymous February 2, at 4: Hi, I see your first post is dated June'12 and it is august now.

Like I have explained above, when I stopped using it, the results lasted for months in terms of slower and finer regrowth. I want to know precisely how much time? Hope this answers: It will not only take care of your face but your hands and feet too.

Please assist. Sunshine Diva Gaganpreet March 23, at 2: It becomes a task when going on vacations and spending so much of time doing this. So works best after hair removal.