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Students of Gothic architecture will find a special field of study in the churches of the Were Val- ley. Corporation, Hessle Road, Beverley Road. Beaumaris, 1, inhabitants, is the old capital town of the County; now a summer bathing resort and the principal yachting station in North Wales: Beledie, near station.

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There is a visitors' and music tax for a stay of more than one week. The shipper arranges this for you, and the receipt you have taken for the deposit must be surrendered when you leave the country and get your car. Dolbadaru Castle, with single tower. Zatec, Wiliiamstown, 3. From Cettinge, Montenegro, it is 65 miles southeast- erly to.

To Mileschauer, four hours from Tep- litz, where one of the most remarkable of the beautiful. Raadhus — Cathedral, towers feet. Captain C. See here tlie Church of St. Very interesting town built by Emperor Adrian Windermere Town is served by two railway routes.

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Central Station, where trains for Brussels, Ghent, Rotterdam, etc. Travel Bureaus: In inner city the center is Old Town, Ijetween Kongens Nytorv and Boulevards Raadhus Plats is between old town and new western part, and on its south side is Raadhus, with figure of Absalom above entrance; fine view from foot tower chimes and copper roof ; inner courts used for meetings Fredericksberg-Gade is interesting street In New and Old Market are Law Courts, and to north is Vor-Frue-Kirke, ornamented with statues by Thor-.

From the page is given in. Lord Mayor: South of this is Palace of Justice, see the marl le Statue of Justice in center. Jacobson, wealthy t rewer, and wife Orsted Park, with Statue of Orsted, discoverer of electro-magnetism, and of his brother, a — noted jurist Botanical Garden, with palm house and — physiological laboratory Rosenborg Palace, formerly occupied by Danish monarchs for jnirt of year; see insignia of the Order of the Elephant, the most re- knowned Danish brotherhood, and the banqueting room with Danish tapestries, silver plate, porcelain — Kast of palace is Rosenberg Park Art Museum, with national collections Palace of Count Schimmelmann, and, opposite.

Evening coat, white evening vests, a dinner coat, dinner vest, pair of evening:: Limone, 94, 97, 98, Boulevards de la Senne and du Nord meet at Place de Broukere.

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A big collapsible sole-leather Gladstone bag 26 inches x 16 inches wide, and capal le of being expanded to 12 inches thick is ample for a man. Stephen, largest in Vienna. Cooks carriage drives in Brussels are recommended.

Nickel coins, 5, 10 and 20 centimes. Proceeding northeasterly along Ring- Strasse, see Monument to Beethoven, just east of Kolow Rathring, and northeast of this on Lothringer- Strasse Stadt Park with its Kur Salon, and on north- east side fountain containing figure of Danube and the marble group known as the Deliverance of the Source. Sunday's Crag, 2, feet high.

Usage on de. Still another way of reaching Scandinavia is from Har- wich, England, directly east by boat, 7 hours, to the Hook of Holland, then southeast to Rotterdam, 1 hour, and thence north, 1 hour, to The Hague, east 1 hour to Amsterdam, east 7 hours to Bremen, northeast 2 hours to Hamburg, and 10 hours northeast to Copen- hagen.

Prinsen, in the Algade. Maurice P. The Czechoslovac Republic has Continental one hour earlier than Greenwich time.