Binding to a UITableView from a ReactiveCocoa ViewModel

CGRectMake 0 , 0 , 24 , 24 ]; self. Putting this into practice, an array property can now be bound to a table view with just a couple of lines of code:.

ios5 custom cell - UITableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath not being called on first tap

Linked 1. GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. The cell implementation also makes use of a bit of ReactiveCocoa for loading images in the background: Next steps are to present suggestion view.

Indeed, all of this is usually implemented in iOS custom view controllers. Sounds like a good idea for a future post! So, before we reload the tableview, we must ask the app to find the index values of the visible rows from scratch:. Now that we have the actual index of the tapped row, we must check in the cellDescriptors array if the specific cell is expandable or not. This is where another architectural problem of iOS apps arises.

Great tutorial! We are going to see how an expandable tableview is created and works by implementing an app with one view controller, which in turn will contain the tableview.

In this way, most of the code has been kept outside view controllers, which, due to their role and lifecycle in iOS, are the hardest objects to test and reuse. Hey imran, thanks for the comment. In this post, I want to share useful code snippet for authentication with client private certificate using AFNetworking.

As the app grows, though, the limits of this approach will become more evident.

iOS Quick Tip: Filtering a UITableView with a search bar – Code Ninja

So, now you know what our final goal is, therefore we are ready to learn how to create an expandable tableview. A class that needs to be encoded must conform to the NSCoding protocol. Despite being a simple app, it lends itself very well to exposing the pitfalls of architecting iOS apps. Would you mind posting code on how to do so? However when the search in the search bar successfully matches the cell comes back as null.

Great tutorial. Hi, Great tutorial. Putting all of this code in a view controller, as many do, would have been easy.