AstroSystems Digital Setting Circles for Zhumell, GSO, Apertura and Astro-Tech

The rod is replaced through the empty cabinet, and the door closed.

Carefully read instructions before attempting to install this product. The accuracy of the motor is uncanny. Nothing added or taken away. They say, GO! It has both 3. Is there a ghost in the house?? The performer suggests an experiment with wooden stick matches.

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Motorized Mount Astro Package S

Performer shows an inflated balloon. Comes complete with detailed, illustrated instructions. A wooden stick is shown with six different jewels embedded. Only 1 left! Mini Square Circle This is a well-known classic of magic! The first three boxes have brass catches and satin ribbon ties attached to the box by special brass hardware made especially for these boxes. Front axle components, overview General Information Load bearing components and parts of the suspension must not be welded or straightened.

Install an eyepiece and adjust altitude balance with the friction knob and azimuth movement with the azimuth tension knob. The cube may also change to balls, flowers, fruit, or many other things.


The tombstone device is designed to vanish the head block, and is our own creation. Installation Instructions Wiper Motor Marinco 2. Always ready! High Limit Switch Replacement E.

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The mechanics are surefire, and easy to operate. Be the first to review this item. Also included is the Rainbow Rod.

Unlike other more common Die Boxes, the "Peek" Die Box has no center wall, no sliding weight, and no double doors! Custom designed and printed decals grace this apparatus with beautiful oriental images of a classic nature.

Only one left! Search for. Only 4 available! Easy to do, as long as you know the paddle move The lid is removed and the tube lifted.