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Whatever hopes and fears revolution in Russia raised among ethnic minorities in the United States were soon overshadowed by a more significant turn of events closer to home: Thematic Section s.

Grossman, Land of Hope: Because coal was by far the major source of energy and heat a grave crisis ensued. One definition states that the term goes back to the Civil War, "when the cavalry derided foot soldiers as doughboys, perhaps because their globular buttons resembled flour dumplings or because soldiers used flour to polish their white belts" Smithsonian April April 7, 6: Selected Bibliography Ford, Nancy Gentile: It was a remarkable reversal of fortune.

They Also Served. American gunners battle through the Argonne Forest. The act established a "liability for military service of all male citizens"; authorized a selective draft of all those between twenty-one and thirty-one years of age later from eighteen to forty-five ; and prohibited all forms of bounties, substitutions, or purchase of exemptions.

Minder ? Often this information can be located from family records like discharge papers or, if the person is deceased, an obituary.

United States home front during World War I - Wikipedia

Ethnic slurs and insults heightened tensions, and scuffles, in some cases serious, broke out between immigrants and native-born soldiers and between members of historically hostile ethnic groups. Shipbuilding became a major wartime industry, focused on merchant ships and tankers. Bamberg They nearly all used English Common Law as their basic code of law and, except for the French, Dutch and Germans, spoke some dialect of English. Top Skip to main content.

United States home front during World War I

It would be more efficient, she argued, once the factory workers could all understand English and therefore better understand orders and avoid accidents. Outline Index Book Category Portal. The war came in the midst of the Progressive Era , when efficiency and expertise were highly valued. The wrinkles multiplied when semi-autonomous armies of Czech and Polish immigrants were formed. Volume 1, The Developing Years, By contrast, many German families from earlier waves of immigration had become integrated into the American mainstream, while retaining vestiges of their German heritage.

During World War I, U.S. Government Propaganda Erased German Culture : NPR

Washington was unable to figure out what to do when, or even to decide who was in charge. The Food Administration helped housewives prepare more nutritious meals with less waste and with optimum use of the foods available. Edward G. Determining exactly who qualified as an enemy alien was no simple matter, especially after the United States declared war on the ethnically diverse Austro-Hungarian Empire in December The Irish in the census were mostly Scots Irish. In and some 24 million men were registered and nearly 3 million inducted into the military services, with little of the resistance that characterized the Civil War.