This Game Is Forcing Some Players to Be Women, And They're Freaking Out

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They argue that it does not matter. Rust is still an Early Access game, albeit one that's already very commercially successful, so features are subject to change - and they would be even if it wasn't in Early Access. He explained that Rust pulls a player's appearance attributes from the SteamID itself, treating it as a random seed.

So i think gender does not matter or skin color for me. This is a very poor choice for a game feature in my opinion.

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Another Reddit user meanwhile is perfectly happy with his randomly assigned blue pubic hair - to be fair, who wouldn't be? Others have taken to pointing out a Medium post about game analytics from data tracker Sergey Galyonkin claiming that 95 percent of Steam users are male. I right away tried to find a way to get my female avatar again - found out that the female Avatar is not in yet and will come.

We will be adding more of these later on at which point your face will probably change. Jatvardur likes this. Fortnite [Blue]. Like is actually too weak for the feelings I have towards this skin. Satan Himself , Oct 16, In Star Wars: Email news gamespot. Would you want to change it if you had?

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The cortisone cream will only help with the itching and the discoloration of the skin will remain, which may cause a cosmetic concern in the future. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The only difference is that whether you feel like this is now decided by your SteamID instead of your real life gender. VICE Elsewhere. Hehe, in SotA I've chosen a male character because I want it to be as close to my real-world self as possible.

Or I may make it a slender elf type with woodsy or nature related tattoos or hairstyles that resemble a druid type role. What about you, have you found yourself logging in to be a white guy with green pubes? I hope epic can look into this and hopefully change this Apparently that's also been accompanied by a surge of racially-charged language.

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Rust now assigns gender permanently based on SteamID •

More articles by Robert Purchese. Big Rust update ditches blueprints, introduces XP and levelling. Also if Epic could please change the bug that turns Burnout's head into stone when he dies. When I loaded up Fortnite thought I noticed something else was completely off, He now has the spikes present in the rust lord. Since Schamberg's disease is usually asymptomatic beyond the visible lesions themselves, few other tests are usually indicated. Rust is randomly giving some players female avatars, and a few of them are being dicks about it.

Some also appreciate the continuity, rather than people changing appearance each time they respawn.