'I identify the Australian flag with racism': Social media storm over rapper 360's comments on Q&A

Michael Bradley is the managing partner of Marque Lawyers, a Sydney law firm, and writes a weekly column for The Drum. One, who is ever so English, is a rabid Australian sports supporter.

Puffin, cancelling your citizenship wont save you. Both my parents were born in Australia but I was born in the UK while they were visiting.

Remember David Hicks? What a load of codswallop. The Australian Aboriginal Flag is celebrated in the controversial painting The First Supper by Susan Dorothea White where the central figure is an Aboriginal woman who displays the flag on her T-shirt.

Why do people still fly the Confederate flag? - BBC News

The symbols of Australia are commonly used on Australia Day: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The High Court challenges are going to be interesting. Originally published on Space. It is for use only at sea and officially never on land, but can be used by private citizens. I am puzzled and disturbed by the notion that whilst one may not be a citizen of another country, one can still be regarded as a national of that state.

There words are seditious to the sovereignty of Australia and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. And then we're going to see even those distances, even those scales, are super small when you start thinking about the rest of the solar system.

Australian Red Ensign

All that's changed is the punishment. I have a friend whose daughter has 6 citizen-ships. They never came for me, because I'm not a criminal, And the world is a better place. That is why I believe that it must be outlawed until all nations freely accept all newcomers. Some ideas are just plain stupid. The Borescars! That's why I took citizenship so I could vote. I agree with all of it, and you are warned when applying for citizenship of your responsibilities and duty to Australia.

The official colour specifications of the Australian Aboriginal Flag are: Assassin named 'Iceman' who murdered a Mr Big gangland A person born in Australia could in some circumstances also be a foreign citizen.

In addition, these terrorism offences needs to be ideologically motivated and intimidatory or coercive in nature.

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The Minister makes no decision, he merely acknowledges what has already occurred. Digital Costumes. There will inevitably be a creeping scope. Andrew " Surely, when such a disaster occurs, there should at least be a police inquiry, and serious questions within the legal meaning of term "manslaughter" should, at the very least, be tested in court.