2 Sample Salary History Templates for Job Seekers

This executive order has been in effective from Feb. Because money isn't everything. Want to add a salary history in your Monster resume?: But employers can verify this information after they have extended an offer to the candidate. Martin Eagelson, Marketing Director, The most straightforward reason is that people rarely want to take a job for less money than they currently earn or earned at their last job, if they are unemployed.

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Providing Salary History to Employers

She's a sought-after speaker, writer, and optimist about workplace dynamics for women. Did this summary help you? Position 1 the most recent Name of the employer address or website can be included, looks more genuine Duration Annual Salary.

However, employers cannot use this information to set pay. The candidate could argue that they felt obliged to talk about their salary history when discussing pay and benefits during the interview. At Monster Hong Kong , we can help you find part time jobs in any industry.

The Salary History Ban: Your Guide to Dealing with This Dreaded Interview Question

Instead of focusing on the money, you can focus on why you want to do something new. However, if the person who looks at your resume thinks you expect a certain salary, she may not call you in if it's too high, and if it's lower than the company was planning on giving out, you may not get all the money you deserve because you've already named your price.

It includes the names of previous employers, positions held, salary, and benefit packages. Last updated on January 24th, at Before you start to copy, paste, and enter information into our layout, try to remember a couple of things:. This law becomes effective on January 1, They could.

Customer Service: Resume Preparation Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Approaching salaries this way will have a lot of benefits not just for women as the law hopes but for everyone. Also see below for a sample cover letter with a salary history included. Your salary history template can be in different formats and should request the following information:. New Law in MA: Despite the growing number of salary history ban laws, there are some jurisdictions that are bucking this trend.

This salary history ban law came into effect on July 9, Many of us tend to think of personal income as a private matter. This double standard between men and women may be the result of gender bias, according to PayScale.

How to Include Salary History on Resume: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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