Pulses, yay my beating heart! You may also want to view these photo galleries: I am excited most to try making the savory butternut squash hand pies — they look like quite a bit of work, but also really delicious!

Easy and Delicious Lentil Tacos - Health, Home, and Heart

Because enchilada sauce is super creamy, I decided to dilute it with a little broth to give it a consistency that would be a better fit for the pasta. January 18, at I think this is my favourite type of lentil.

This looks amazing!!! However, in particular, the vegan deviled eggs really caught my eye. And I want to get some agar agar powder so I can make some of the desserts from Vegan Pie in the Sky which currently elude me because Whole Foods only carries flakes.

One-Skillet Enchilada Pasta

Hand pies and freezing ginger have already been important to me this year freezing ginger because I grew my own for the first time — it all gets harvested together at the end of fall, and needs to be frozen to keep it to use through the year. I have the recipe in Appetite for Reduction. Thank you for sharing at OverTheMoon! I stopped buying it fresh because it goes bad, but the powered stuff is pretty terrible. This stew was so, so tasty and I was really impressed at the depth of flavor.

Looking forward to your recommendations. My mission in ? My boyfriend hates kale — but he somehow loved this dish! Filed in: What if I use coconut milk? Best of luck for the following! Thank you for this recipe! The secret to making this in just five minutes is using the pre-cooked lentils.

You could probably do a whole cookbook just on them! Ruth Tallman The frozen olive oil trick is amazing — I have a new favorite pie crust!

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Would you mind if we republished some of these articles in our newsletter or on our own site? Description A quick and easy one-skillet meal for busy weeknights! I have already made many of your recipes including this one…just finished my second bowl. Like most stews, it was even better the next day.

Add the garlic and thyme to the pot and stir. This dish looks dee-lish. Even my meat eater husband loves them. Agar-Agar powder has changed my dessert life this year!

This whole process is secretly one of my favourite things about Winter. I am surprised your Chana Masala recipe did not make the list.