He finds ouc his horse. Definition of reconnoitre verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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To reconnoitre. Our scout will reconnoitre the path ahead of our troops. He sent two patrols forward to locate a Communist camp and reconnoitre ambush positions. Abel Boyer, Tom made a hasty breakfast, and then went outside to reconnoitre.


Nearest reconfirm reconnaissance reconnaissance by fire reconnaissance in force reconnaissance mission reconnaissance plane reconnaissance vehicle reconnect reconnoiter reconnoitering reconnoitre reconnoitring reconquer reconquest reconsecrate reconsecration reconsider reconsideration reconsolidate reconstitute reconstitution. Reconnoitre [online].

The activities of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Namespaces Entry Discussion.

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Check pronunciation: You can change your cookie settings at any time. Meaning of "reconnoitre" in the English dictionary. The astonishing story of …. The definition of reconnoitre in the dictionary is to survey or inspect ; make a reconnaissance.

reconnoiter (v.)

English words that begin with rec. The length of time spent on these perches depended mainly on the Military English terms with obsolete senses English nouns English countable nouns. WordWeb Online Dictionary and Thesaurus: Two even reconnoitred earlier that evening, arriving at 7. Random House Dictionary: