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Users of the standard ITV Hub are unable to download shows. Project Scorchio. Would a Chromecast work? All that's left is to click the 'Submit Vote' button below. US lawmakers suspect social networks may have played a big role in.

Xbox One Finally Gets ITV Hub Catchup App - GameSpot

Link for What does your licence fee pay for? All set! You'll need an ITV account to watch shows on demand, but it's free to sign up.

How do I add programmes to My Programmes? Email news gamespot.

The news comes over two years after BBC iPlayer came to Xbox One, and more than three years after Channel 4's equivalent app did the same. STV's video-on-demand services are regulated by Ofcom the independent regulator for the UK communications industries together with the Authority for Television On Demand ATVOD in relation to our video-on-demand editorial content and the Advertising Standards Authority ASA in relation to the advertising content appearing on our video-on-demand services.

Player Help. Why do we store cookies on your computer? This doesn't appear to be a valid date. Why do I have to register to watch programmes? I never thought we would have a form of ITV. Skip to main navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer.

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The information is out of date It's hard to understand It doesn't answer the question You can also explain in your own words: Try Which? Would you like to receive emails from the Scottish Children's Lottery about draws, instant games and competitions? Please tell us if you think you don't need a TV Licence. Many people use the web version of ITV Hub, which is available online using most of the popular browsers, however it's also available as an app for both Apple and Android phones.

From a player-control perspective, that means a completely both scriptwriters and cast on mature, Tuesday-night-ITV calibre form. If you don't have an account yet, you can set one up at www. ITV's catchup service has at last arrived on Xbox One. ITV's catchup service has at last arrived on Xbox One. You will need a computer that supports Flash and a broadband connection of at least 3 mbps.

ITV Hub App Comes to Microsoft Xbox One, But Will Be Late On Sony PS4

What is the STV Player? It's the only. ITV Player offers a day catch-up service. To submit your vote for , please enter your date of birth to help us confirm your eligibility. Woudl like to watch a few ITV thingys that we've missed - and would be good to strea to the xbox over tversity. If you are unhappy about a programme on the STV Player please write to viewer enquiries in the first instance.

If any software or hardware standards change over time we will keep the above list updated as a reference point.