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You can find details about the recall that is causing the problem here http: I know it is not the distributor, because when It was my distributer my car did different things than wouldn't even start.

Didn't need to touch key, didn't need to shift to neutral or anything. The person I got it from put in an after market blaster coil and clear blue disbutor car. And the solenoid directly under the steering wheel. My Accord had a similar problem, except it would not start sometimes as well. JhicksFromThaSticks answered 3 years ago. Car has around k miles on it and we had an issue similar to this when my distributor died but it was never this severe.

American cars still have a reputation in Japan for poor quality and for being large, expensive and fuel inefficient, the dealers said. Joshua answered 3 years ago. I have a honda accord that stalls when the car i believe warms up or its getting hot idk but anyways it starts back up after sitting for 30mins or so and I have changed the fuel pump ,fuel filter, main relay,distributor, coil, and it still stalls!!

If you see the battery cable is corroded; especially you see it was loosen at the battery post. Movies Which were the most popular movies released in the last months? News World U. Music Charts Which were the top hits in that special week of June ? Mines will start right back up but cut off after releasing the key. I was having the same problem with engine shutting off while driving.

But now the key won't turn all the way in the ignition. They changed my key to see if that will make a difference. Background info they may help Do a spark test for each cylinder and see if its getting spark, if there is no spark then it will be a distributor issue. I'm really upset with this routine and hopefully have an answer to have a smooth driving.

If not it's the distributor. But they come with a lifetime guarantee so take it back and get another one if the check engine light doesn't shut off after 3 seconds and you don't hear a click. My point is this the Acura expert that check that Acura for me simply told me and showed me the relays can be turned backwards and they're going to work backwards not at all like they should so my point is this I think you should try reversing those two relays who's ever having that problem.

My Accord will shut itself off while I'm driving it. Report Follow. To access the main relay, all it took was removing 4 screws next to the fuse panel near the hinge of the driver side door.

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New key Joel Schumacher Starring: Didn't have tools but you don't actually have to mount the new part. These cars have two temp sensors, one for the gauge and one for the computer.

Scared to go fast, kept it in 50 and it went fine. Washington says Japanese auto dealers are restricted from carrying American cars because of their close ties to Japanese car makers. Tino answered about a year ago. Old Newspapers. Got my 1st gen honda crv model, the problem is when I had a long drive then had to slow down due to traffic, I noticed the rpm gauge goes to zero and engine stops..