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In our drawRect: We have already seen that this can be used as a signal to dismiss the keyboard. CGRectZero, textContainer: For example, consider a label containing just a couple of words, whose right edge and top edge are pinned. Two words are made extra-bold by stroking in a different color, and the whole paragraph is centered and indented from the edges of the label.

If we insert characters, the inserted string takes on the attributes of the character preceding the insertion — except that, if we insert at the start, there is no such character, so the inserted string takes on the attributes of the character following the insertion. We can also set the alignment with the alignmentMode property. These properties can also be set in the nib. Do not name this reference firstResponder! At some point before the user can tap in an instance of our UITextField subclass, we modify the global menu; we could do this in the app delegate as the app starts up, for example:.

I was wrong about the selection.

ios storyboard swift - Placeholder in UITextView - CODE Q&A Solved

One obvious way is to fix the width absolutely — for example, by an internal width constraint, or by pinning both the left and right edges of the label. Jul 20, 8: If a right view and a Clear button appear at the same time, the right view may cover the Clear button unless you reposition it.

The action will be called, nil-targeted Chapter 11 , thus sending it up the responder chain, when the user taps the menu item and, by default, the menu will be dismissed. There's one gotcha though. We catch it in our UITextField subclass and obey it.

The Text Field Menu. NSRange characterRange.

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NSRange range replacementText: NSRange, replacementText text: Add Comment Cancel. Editable styled text was virtually impossible to achieve.

A possible workaround is to call boundingRectWithSize: Here is my contribution. They're two completely different things. Then when the user finishes editing the text view and it's resigned as the first responder, if the text view is empty, reset its placeholder by re-adding the placeholder text and setting its color to light gray. You write this code once, add it to your library of "helper".

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The ones here didn't work for me. Boldness is a font trait; we must obtain a bold variant of the original font. Linked Web Views.

If the width of the layer is insufficient to display the entire string, we can get truncation behavior with the truncationMode property. Configuring the Keyboard. Suragch k Two additional notifications are sent both when the keyboard enters and leaves the screen and on the iPad when the user drags it, splits or unsplits it, and docks or undocks it:.

Instead, if you attach an NSStringDrawingContext, its totalBounds property tells you, after you draw, the bounds of the drawn string. What's the right way to do this?