Ramdass did actually manage to smoke-and-mirrors his wife for a period of time.

It happened to me: I won the lottery and it ruined my life Daily Mail Online

Writing "may or may not" is actually redundant. Share or comment on this article: Taking out one of your earbuds is the equivalent to curtsying from Showerthoughts. Your life will never be your own again. More trouble than it's worth: I had to endure many court cases over the next few years, all from people who felt entitled to a slice of the money I had won.

Here's what you should do if you're unlucky enough to win the lottery. That's right: unlucky.

I went through a series of short-lived marriages, and when I separated from my third wife, my mum told me I was no son of hers.

The whole point of lotteries is that anyone can win, and sometimes the jackpot goes to the guy who can feel love only when he's watching documentaries of the Hindenburg disaster while huffing the ashes of cremated kittens. While we were away my secretary phoned to say she had received sack loads of begging letters and marriage proposals.

Continue Reading Below. Princess Beatrice sends Chrissy Teigen into meltdown when she jokes she would 'adore' to be her goddaughter Use My Facebook Avatar. Large jackpot winners face double digit multiples of probability versus the general population to be the victim of: They're hard to tell apart, believe me, I know. So the MIT guys and a couple of other scientist groups kept it up for years, their bastardry becoming so lucrative over time that they managed to not only quit their day jobs but attract actual investors to their scheme.

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The guy who invented trash bags, litteraly sold everyone garbage. Carroll was a petty criminal that stumbled upon winning a British lottery jackpot in Would you have refused me the trip? One last backfire. Somehow, Carroll survived his eight solid years of debauchery. Lucky for us, the kid seems to have finally grasped the finer points of head-protection.

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He struggled for a bit to get into the vehicle. That wasn't a throwaway line -- it was a brick prologue to the story of Michael Carroll, quite possibly the most gleefully, gloriously horrible lottery winner to ever grace the Earth with his million-dollar bling and private demolition derby fields.