How To: Unlock M1911 and variants

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I hope this guide helps the newer generation of players to get the sidearm because its quite the pistol as a last resort.

M16A3 Kills with M16A3. Show me footer Rank 41 I believe, and if not then it's either 40 or 43 42 gets you nothing. Menu Battlefield2.

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L85A2 Kills with L85A2. Forgot your username or password? Vehicles BF3: Heals per assault minute First aid is your mission. Dogtags They never see it coming.

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Thread is locked. I doubt ill be using the suppressed version when i get it. Once you have a secondary Battlefield game in your My Games section on Origin, you will have unlocked the M M SUPP. Abriael Fernando Melone Fernando Melone 66 3. It should be.

I'm on my phone and can't lookout up, but when do you unlock this gun and its suppressed version? Ask Question. Save some money and buy a gun then. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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They are generally not used in open warfare, because of their lack of power, accuracy, and magazine size. Easter Eggs. I have to return some videotapes! A handgun is primarily used as a personal defense weapon for when a person is caught off guard, or for use in close quarters. It should show you the games for sale.

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I think I already unlocked the basw versionne but I'm not sure. G17 was my best friend till i got the g18, not only are we great friends but friends with benefits! MP7 Kills with MP7. In case you don't own any of the older Battlefield games, you can just hop in one of the free to play Battlefields with your Origin account: