She will not be happy about the note and recommend that you bring the note back to the Thieves' Guild. The Thieves Guild is a secret professional criminal organization, their headquarters in Skyrim are hidden underneath the streets of Riften and with their network of secret members spread across Tamriel they are instrumental in just about every crime that goes.

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Now you can return to Irkngthand and loot the corpse. I have also integrated all achievement related collectibles such as; Word Walls, Standing Stones and Skill Books that you may come across into this page, these are highlighted in ' bold text' for your pleasure. He'll reveal some info that will make Keerava pay her debt, go talk to her and collect.

Throughout the conversation, you will be prompted to select dialog options, but you only receive one option at a time, making the conversation a scripted event you have to proceed through. Getting banned will automatically activate a quest in your journal to restore your membership, this may be referred to as: Thief 64 Keep your eyes on Gulum at this point because he goes into a secret and hard-to-find doorway leading to 'Brinewater Grotto'.

This door is an Expert level lock. When you arrive you'll find all the gates locked and the house guarded by Vald, at this point you have several options open to you:. He will also point you towards 'Maven Black-Briar' to begin the next quest.

The Fallen. Talk to him for a while and inquire all you wish about the tasks ahead. You can do this by stealing a convicting letter to the Jarl and changing Arn's name in the prison registry. A waypoint will indicate an exit route; hug the right edge of the balcony and you'll see a small hole to the waterfall. Revealing the Unseen. To defeat him, try to rush him with a physical attack, as he does better with long-ranged combat.

These side jobs are mandatory for the final Thieves Guild achievement but you can complete them at your leisure during your quests through the Thieves Guild or at the end. I have also advised periodic manual 'SAVE' points for you to fall back on in case any bugs occur. If Gulum dies by any means, make sure to reload your previous save, do not just continue on. The key unlocks the chest near the Guildmaster's desk in which the Guild members periodically place loot as a tribute to you.

If you are not online and do not have the latest patches this gem will be located inside the 'Thalmor Embassy' in 'Elenwen's' Solar on the second floor. If you lose him, look for a giant barrel on its side and go down the stairs into the water hugging the stone wall.

Skyrim: Dampened Spirits

Make your way back to Whiterun. Enter the first room on your left to find an 'Unusual Gem', on a table to your right, it is important to get this now, as returning to the museum later can cause a serious unfixable bug. Wanted 19 The gem is found in a locked room in the Bandit's Sanctuary.

Return to the Ragged Flagon and Brynjolf will greet you.

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Go down to the basement of the Meadery and kill Skeevers. If you did not pick up the key to the museum from Calcemo's table never return and pick it up. Borderlands 2 Guide. The gem is located in 'Stony Creek Cave' in south east of Eastmarch Hold you can just go there without the quest but you risk creating bugs.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough

Oblivion Walker. Hit the appropriate button when prompted to poison the vat. Agent of Shadow: Be sure to grab the key to the right of the door leading back to Skyrim. Go through the corridor to the next room. If you fall into the waterfall you will take no damage and you can then fast travel to Winterhold. To avoid the fire damage and possibly losing the ship; use a telekinesis spell to take it if you have one.