They traveled north along the river before finally settling in a rocky canyon.

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His warrior name is revealed to be Rockshade in SkyClan's Destiny. It is revealed in Outcast of the Power of Three series that the Tribe is among the descendants of the ancient clan of cats who originally lived in the lake territories, of which Rock and Fallen Leaves are members. He murdered Moonflower , Bluestar's mother, when Moonflower tried to destroy WindClan's herbs and threatened Bluepaw when she was in the camp.

In the end, her loyalty for SkyClan is proven when she fought in the battle against the rats. He was chosen to be the WindClan representative on the journey to the sun-drown-place.

Crowfeather's reasons for rejecting his son are most likely due to his past and still ongoing love interest in Leafpool. Sandstorm is getting pretty old - she's just a little younger than Leopardstar.

Are sorreltails kits cherrykit and molekit aprrentices now?

At Crookedstar's death, she is there and is the one who leads him to StarClan. The tree now serves as a bridge to an island where the Clans now have Gatherings. Click here for a random, un-answered question.

Father to Red and former mate of Velvet. Fallen Leaves had entered the tunnels to prove he was a sharpclaw.

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A sliver-grey she-cat with a white chest and bold green eyes, Needletail is the daughter of Berryheart and Sparrowtail. She is one of RiverClan's two medicine cats the other being Mothwing, her mentor and receives her medicine cat name in Eclipse.

SkyClan's camp also spread over to where Firestar's friend, Smudge, lives. Tallstar loses his last life in Starlight with Onewhisker and Firestar at his side, making him the only cat to have served as a Clan leader throughout the entire original series. He seems to know all about the Clans although some of his knowledge is a little off in Cats of the Clans , and is very keen in particular to Jayfeather, supporting the prophecy.

Because he has made many mistakes which led to terrible consequences, Onestar is afraid that he will be sent to the Dark Forest when he dies, as he is on his last life.

Tawnypelt's also niece to Lionheart Goldenflower's brother , Mistkit and Nightkit Tigerstar's sisters. Jayfeather thinks he reincarnated as Lionblaze, which gives him the idea that Dove's Wing might be Dovewing, as it would make sense for the Three to have had a past life since he did, too. After he told this, he and Gray Wing declared the end of their brotherhood. He's such a nerd. Nettlesplash, Creekfeather, Plumwillow, and Rabbitleap.

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However, they are exiled from the Tribe following a disastrous attempt by Stormfur to rally the Tribe cats in order to force a group of intruding cats out, after which they travel to the new lake territory of ThunderClan. Nightpelt has mentored Dawncloud.

Despite his small size, he is a very capable and dangerous fighter, and neither any sort of warrior's ethical code or merciful impulses restrain him in battle; he is brutal and ruthless Rock says in Cats of the Clans that he lacks "any sense of right or wrong". Turtle Tail moves to live as a housecat, hurt when she figures out that Grey Wing is in love with a cat named Storm, though the latter ultimately mates with Clear Sky.

A dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes, Sparrowpelt was formerly a kittypet named Boris. And I think that Brambleclaw, Jayfeather and Lionblaze should just forgive Leafpool and Squirrelflight because they were only trying to protect them! Cloudstar and his Clan used to live in what is now the Twolegplace and were forced to leave the forest because of human developments over that area, despite asking other Clans for assistance.