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Trublue Climbing Centre Auto Belay Device

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Russell Moy, president and CEO of Pyramide USA, sees Eldorado's potential success with Trublue as benefiting the industry as a whole, even as his company's sales of North auto-belays have risen dramatically.

As the climber ascends the wall, the belayer takes up slack in the rope through a belay device.

On the outside is a metal housing for durability and an installation handle to anchor it to the wall. In most instances the parcel will not be left without a signature. There's a difference between being 'dropped' and being accelerated to a terminal velocity.

Head Rush TRUBLUE Automatic Belay Device

Auto belay. Modular or Stationary?

Brake pad system with expensive wearing parts. No clutch bearing: Up High on 23 May They're not going to win any awards for innovation, but they're rock solid. And, he adds, "There aren't any wear parts in the Trublue, so it's probably extraordinarily reliable, but it doesn't have a track record. Minimize your facility risk: We can all make mistakes.

I wish I could say the same about some of my human belayers.

Mechanical Auto Belay

Did you know that auto belays are not governed by the same standards as other climbing industry equipment? More information. Search mountainproject. Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts: The Clip 'n Climb business model is made possible thanks to auto belays which reduce risk management issues associated with having to teach people how to belay safely.

Our auto belay makes a gentle whirring noise as the climber descends, alerting those below of a descending climber. No clutch bearing: Device Dimensions: Units can be moved to accommodate classes, birthday parties and other group activities, reducing staffing costs. With a brake hand on the rope at all times, the belayer controls the descent of the climber and is also responsible for applying a braking technique in the event of a fall.

Our auto belay makes a gentle whirring noise as the climber descends, alerting those below of a descending climber. The only issue with this setup is you have to break it down at the top and rig a rappel, which is a minor hassle. In reply to MaxJEF: Earns Loyalty Points The Trublue Auto Belay is a fantastic auto belay devise specifically designed for the climbing industry. This story originally appeared in the October issue of our print edition.