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Timeouts using lbolt can be too short VXVM 3. Only one path is made visible to VxVM. Set the coordinator attribute value as "on" for the new coordinator disk group. A particular plex state does not necessarily mean that the data is good or bad.

Unix Administration

Making an emergency backup of the disk group configuration Before making any further changes, use vxconfigbackup to create an emergency backup of the private region for the remaining disks in the affected disk group.

This can be contrasted with the public region, which contains the actual volumes, including user data. Modify the Security key in the registry: You must use the vxddladm addjbod command to add disks to the JBOD category.

Please see metaclear 1M. To specify a custom name for a DMP node. If you use format command to repartition a disk drive which is part of a metaset you can get a messages like: Run the following command: If you have modified vxdmp. An error may be generated stating that the file system needs to be checked for consistency.

Tunable parameters for VxVM Table: To disable multipathing and make devices invisible to VxVM. The behavior of vxdmp in response to disabled paths can be modified via the DMP tunables, which can be viewed using "vxmpadm gettune. Although a path can be re-enabled using "vxdmpadm enable," vxdmp should automatically evaluate the status of a path in five minute intervals using a scsi inquiry.

The maximum memory requested from the system by VxVM for internal purposes. Error Hostname: The maximum number of subdisks that can be attached to a single plex.

Determining if a disk can be reattached 6. The system must be shut down and rebooted for the change to take effect. It is also possible that there is a problem with the SAN zoning which may have caused disks to be presented to the wrong systems.

In the following examples, the traditional c t d naming scheme is used. The solution to this problem for VxVM 3. Setup the VEA Registry: Remove the last row of the table: Details for this procedure can be found in the VxVM 3. The daemon exits on receiving a TERM signal.