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Difference in productivity is the major cause of differences in standards of living between different countries. No wonder that productivity per person engaged in under-developed countries is much lower than that in advanced countries.

Thus, states parties are required to continuously take steps forward in order to achieve the full realisation of the rights recognised in the instruments.

Related Articles. The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has addressed the right to adequate clothing in several General Comments and in its Concluding Observations on state reports. The right to adequate housing is enshrined in most major human rights instrumentsadopted by the United Nations: Poverty then prevented the community from purchasing clean water or seeking medicines.

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Cart Account Sign in Sign up. Purchasing power Standard of living. The Expert is to undertake a study in co-operation with the aforementioned actors, for further clarification on the content of human rights obligations, including non-discrimination obligations, in relation to access to safe drinking water and sanitation and shall make recommendations that could help the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular Goal 7.

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One such complaint was the first case on housing rights to be brought before the European Committee of Social Rights. The standard of living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is lower than that of other countries, as many people live in poverty and have a hard time finding food to eat. Japan's birthrate falls to lowest level in history 27th December Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK in 20th June The terms of trade can be measured by taking the ratio of price-level of its exports to the price-level of its imports.

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American Busine According to General Comment 12, the core content of the right to adequate food includes the following elements: Related Terms. The content of the right and the obligations of states were extensively defined by the Committee. The duty to respect this right also requires that the state and its agents refrain from carrying out, sponsoring or tolerating any practice, policy or legal measure violating the integrity of the individual or infringing upon the freedom of an individual to use available resources to satisfy individual, family, household or community housing needs.

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