Walkthrough - Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess

Yeta becomes possessed by the Mirror Shard and transforms into a giant ice creature. This page was last edited on 24 January , at Once all the armour is gone Peahats will pop up from the ground flying up to the same height as the top of the pillars.

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To defeat it: Grab him with your hook and slice him. Back to all The Legend of Zelda: When he comes close grab him with A and tip him over. When he falls down in front of you repeatedly attack his eye hanging out of his mouth.

Afterwards you can pick up Darkhammers weapon the Ball and chain. Jump at the soar on his stomach and attack it. The third time he's down, you'll just have to land the final blow!

Easy Bosses - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Target one with your boomerang and then one of the guardians to take him out. Argorok, the twilit dragon, will come flying in. There should also be some Bomblings around.

You will also achieve his boomerang - the Gale Boomerang. Sometimes you have to kill some enemy spawned by the boss.

Twilight Princess boss guide - Zelda's Palace

Swim down to the bottom and then put on your iron boots and stand on the sand. This battle will give you the Spinner. Ganondorf This last fight of the game is a duel between Link and Ganondorf. Thanks to a new gameplay video that has surfaced online a few hours back, it's now possible to see how much the graphics have improved since the original GameCube and Wii release.

Twilight Princess - Boss Guide

Simply repeat this over and over again and soon he will be defeated. Midna's Advice. Second step: He will be jumping around on top of the pillars and after every third jump he will disappear and appear on another pillar and fire at you. Step Six: