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I'm in orbit, come after Cam! The "Cruise" hook simply feels like a summertime drive with the top down -- an uncomplicated pleasure, and to their credit, FGL didn't get in the way of it.

Fireman [Chorus repeat 2x ] 'Cuse me ma, we cruise around this strip down Memory Lane Lets take this time to rekindle Puffin on this purple, sippin Hennessy, thats trippin like Dame Pour out ya liquor, light ya candles [Verse] I was rippin and runnin while I'm grippin my gun outdoors And I use to, play wit my heat I was waitin to bust fuck that And I say, fuck the police they better take me in cuffs til I go Cause I'm in, love wit the streets yea I'm shakin my nuts hold it tight And it was, regular shit havin fun wit my troops uhh huh Yeah, get in the party have our guns in boots stash that And, New Years 'ill come we bustin guns off the roof you got that Cause, we pissy drunk up off that proof twisted Plus, we pitchin packs jus to get us some sneakers paper While, we sippin yak and we twistin up reefa gettin right Youthful offenders on the stoop gettin bent up dodging police in them juvenile centers, my life is brazy ooooo!

So stay calm shorty, when you see that palmed. Nigga 45 caliber raps ready to snap. This chorus perfectly captures the explosive energy of a carefree night out, with all its hand-throwing, life-living and club-rocking creating just the spark to light up the party.

The only thing more impressive than the number of notes City High effortless slips into this quickie of a chorus is the fact that this track's refrain brings to life a scenario more believable and emotionally nuanced than narratives some artists spend entire albums exploring.

The Lonely Island feat.

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Uh, yeah, we will cruise ya parameters where they at? The song hits its disco strut, Carly Rae begins her pickup line, and before you look up the song's already in the stratosphere, soaring from its first "Hey, I GMA News.

For my Dip-Set, from hear on end its Lovely Daze. This Is Jim Jones. The buoyant beat paired with the pleading lyrics is actually the right fit, because although Robyn keeps dancing on her own, she's still dancing, after all.

As satisfying as a good "F--k you" sing-along is in just about any circumstance, CeeLo takes that furious invective to an even higher level with rolling piano and a danceable '60s soul sound -- as well as choir-like backing vocals to make the titular phrase just about as dynamic as it can and should be.

On 2 Music Lists. Pinky nail shaped well on a path to hell, that how it feels when your pockets and got no mail.

Missy Elliott, "Work It". The level-one rhyming scheme Cyrus makes use of here away, ok, U.

funny Cam'ron lyrics/punch lines ever.

Retrieved 13 April Considering the song's first-person narrator has been drinking all day by the time she arrives at the throwdown in the chorus, it's fitting there are so many pauses between notes in this refrain -- as if the party-weary protagonist can't quite muster a diva vocal showcase, so she settles for a sing-song chant directed at the DJ. When you think of what a boy band song should sound like, this is pretty much the quintessential example for the 21st century.

The rhyme structure in this chorus is truly masterful, painting an idyllic, simple picture of America and the song's red-white-and-blue love interest. We the Unicorns. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.