Whoopi Goldberg defends Vick's dog-fighting role

I came to explore the wreck.

Watch: Raven-Symone stuns Whoopi Goldberg with racial remarks – The Mercury News

Sajo7 Follow Forum Posts: BranKetra Follow Forum Posts: I mean no one has seem to catch onto my name yet Vick pleaded guilty last week to federal dogfighting charges, admitting he took part in an illegal, interstate enterprise known as Bad Newz Kennels and helped kill underperforming dogs. Danson roasted Goldberg by presenting a routine that included the word "nigger" several times, and included details of their sex life.

Goldberg was vexed by gossip and rumors that Hollywood was ready to write her off. With this group, Goldberg was able to realize her powerful acting and comedic abilities, developing a repertoire of 17 distinct personae in a one-woman show that she labeled The Spook Show.

Face it, they like their brothers more than us lame white d00dz. Jane Austen Persuasion I think this is some kind of scam! Jesse Jackson for the lack of African American voters and nominees. I am not saying I agree with voting for someone based soley on colour. We can do business together.

Whoopi Goldberg: Jeanine Pirro Cursed ‘The View’ Bookers And Security Guards

The year also brought a series of successful film roles to Goldberg. The usual masculine disillusionment in discovering that a woman has a brain. That should not be a reason to vote for a candidate. Her mouth is her usual weapon of choice—to disarm her of that easy weapon meant that she had to rely on other things. I hope he wins because hes Black and I'm from the Uk and I'm white. Vera Baker: I'm an actor, I can play anything.

Whoopi Goldberg rages at Rosie O'Donnell in latest screaming match on The View

The problem that has no name - which is simply the fact that American women are kept from growing to their full human capacities - is taking a far greater toll on the physical and mental health of our country than any known disease. Not was, but is," she added. Yes I get the name. Discover Thomson Reuters. New Yorker, November 5, ; December 30, ; July 30, It was the s, and she was hooked on drugs.

Whoopi Goldberg defends Liam Neeson's race comments on The View Metro News

I know what every colored woman in this country is doing. Got a showbiz story? Her reported romance with Langella comes after a brief one-year marriage to Lyle Trachtenberg, a movie and television technicians' union organizer, whom she met on the set of Corinna, Corinna.