'One Of A Kind' Collection Of Animal Eyeballs Aids Research On Vision Problems

Sign In. Dubielzig says it was the first time the lab had gotten eyes from this strange-looking relative of the giraffe. Eye of Bathyteuthis sp. Leave your comment.

Scientists have found that having these extreme eyeballs likely allows these squid to spot whales when they're still far enough away to escape the huge predators. Shaw then used a razor blade to slice the top off the eyeball, so she could peer down at the vitreous, a gel-like substance that helps the eye maintain a round shape, and the lens.

Ostrich Facts News Scientist: And though it has very sharp teeth, ninety percent of its diet is fruit.

People at darker, higher latitudes evolved bigger eyes and brains Science The Guardian

Giant squids live up to their name, being on average 33 feet in length -- almost as long as a standard school bus. What animal produces the largest eggs? What is the biggest animal on land? Ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain! This tiny, squirrel-like creature has a typical body shape, but the eyes are to die for.

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Cephalopod eye

It turned out he had an exceedingly rare eye disease, and his eye was later surgically removed — he added it to Wisconsin collection. What land animal has the biggest poop? This is a gorgeous, sweet animal that appears to be completely harmless — but it excretes a toxin from the sides of its elbows that can cause shock and death among humans.

Their vision is approximately 4 times sharper than ours, and are able to focus on multiple objects. External shells: What is the largest animal that has ever lived?

Scientists discover largest animal eye - and it's bigger than a football

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A primate with eyes bigger than its brains. As a mother, animal lover, natural alternative medicine enthusiast and a student of all things, she loves learning and sharing with others.

By Liz Langley. And, as the authors noted in their paper, another big object "has a large chance of being important, either as a threat or as a potential for food or sex. Why would these cephalopods evolve soccer-ball-size eyes? Morphological differentiation of the visual cell". In short: And those eyes are huge! Actually, their eyes are so well-developed that they are not actually eyeballs at all, but rather a kind of tube.

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He also needs eyes from the echidna , or spiny anteater, and some of the bigger whales.