Jacques Cousteau’s underwater colonies from the 1960s

His last film was made in But "Cousteau said, 'No, no we're not. In , after several experiments, Cousteau and Gagnan finally invented the demand regulator, solving the problem of equalizing air pressure in the lungs with the water pressure acting upon the diver's body.

He graduated in , unsure of which career path to follow. One of Cousteau's resistance roles included spying on Italian naval forces. Champion of the Sea. In Cousteau was an important part of the movement to prevent the dumping of French atomic waste into the Mediterranean Sea. The two men experimented with compressed air cylinders and developed the first Aqua-Lung device which allowed divers to stay underwater for long periods of time.

Why is the ocean explorer such a legend? Jacques Cousteau pioneered scuba gear. He graduated three years later and then entered the French navy. The Reluctant Ally" received an Emmy award for outstanding informational special.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. February 24, In , he began collaboration with Emile Gagnan, an engineer with a talent for solving technical problems. His work permitted many people to explore the resources of the oceans.

Splendid Savage of the Sea with his son Philippe. Conshelf II before it was submerged. Cousteau continued to explore and research the oceans, and in the s he produced more television specials.

The accident caused him to break both his arms and could have even killed him. In his later years, Cousteau continued to learn about the sea and share his knowledge with the world.

Yet we risk poisoning the sea forever just when we are learning her science, art, and philosophy and how to live in her embrace. Frederick, MD: They also did much to publicise oceanographic research and, ironically, usher in an age of ocean conservation through building public awareness.

They discovered, by using nylon rope, a means of anchoring Calypso in water four and half miles deep in order to lower a camera to that depth. Jacques Cousteau's Calypso. The complete set of equipment was called the "aqualung" and would enable divers to dive deeper for longer periods of time. French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau file photo would have celebrated his hundredth birthday Friday.

Luckily, Bond connected with another man who was fascinated by the same adventurous idea. At age 4 he learned to swim. This started him on a lifelong fascination with water.

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The CEA claimed that there was little circulation and hence little need for concern at the dump site between Nice and Corsica, but French public opinion sided with the oceanographers rather than with the CEA atomic energy scientists.

The thought of living beneath the sea was quite popular during the s and s. Meide Mark M. He was arguably the most famous undersea explorer of modern times. However, scuba gear proved useful only for shallow dives.