Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race, Flipping Second GOP Seat

Trump and polls have shown a gender gap stretching to canyon-sized proportions. The primary was a success, involving more than 3,, people across Italy, and gave to the winner Walter Veltroni momentum in a difficult period for the government and the centre-left coalition. Supporters claimed it would bring back voter choice; opponents said it would exclude third parties and independents from general election ballots, could result in Democratic or Republican-only races in certain districts, and would in fact reduce voter choice.

While Judge Kavanaugh may be a powerful motivating tool for the left, the degree to which Democratic Senate candidates attempt to elevate the issue remains in question. Legislation is mostly silent on primaries. The numbers are just that clear.

State Republican Party chair says GOP has historically strong, data-drive election infrastructure heading into statewide races. She'll make history as the first openly bisexual senator.

MS GOP says it's ready to win 'arms race' with Dems in

Republicans heading into this year's statewide elections hold seven of eight statewide offices — including the governor's office — and have super majorities in both the state House and Senate.

Continue to article content. But Democrats have longer-shot opportunities, too, in New Hampshire and Oklahoma. A retired Air Force colonel who made history as the first woman ever to fly in combat, McSally had to first survive a conservative primary challenge. Shortly after the race was called in her favor, Sinema wrote on Twitter that she will "be an independent voice for all Arizonans. But over the past few days, Sinema's lead continued to grow.

Political party Voting Electoral systems. Archived from the original on 30 November As well, they scaled all members' votes such that each of the riding associations' votes would be equal, notwithstanding how many or how few members voted in each riding.

Republicans remain favored to retain the Senate. In addition, the results of voting on the primaries were in most cases ignored. This election featured heavy statewide turnout of about 60 percent, more in line with a presidential election than a midterm — part of the reason county registrars were overloaded with uncounted ballots. But was the MSSen race a win for Democrats, too?

Candidates for U. But whoever becomes state GOP chair will have to confront the reality that the party has been on the decline in California for many years. But campaigning for the House would be a step down from the Senate, he said. This method was used in the NDP leadership convention which chose Jagmeet Singh as federal party leader. Democrat Betty Yee, a native of San Francisco, was elected to the office in after serving on the Board of Equalization.

As a result of a federal court decision in Idaho, [16] the Idaho Legislature passed House Bill implementing a closed primary system.

Mississippi GOP says it's ready to win 'arms race' with Dems in 2019 elections

Bailey, controller candidate Konstantinos Roditis and Mark Meuser, who is running for secretary of state, are all making their first ventures into politics. In elections using electoral systems where strategic nomination is a concern, primaries can be very important in preventing "clone" candidates that split their constituency's vote because of their similarities.

Sinema, 42, is a former Green Party activist who became a Democratic centrist with her first election to the House of Representatives in Main article: The campaign between the two congresswomen was a bitter race that took almost a week to decide, with mail-in ballots still being counted. Democratic candidates for governor, including in important battleground states like Florida and Michigan, sided emphatically with Dr.

Hidden categories: New Jersey: In Texas, blockbuster early voting tallies and reportedly tightening polls have cast doubt about the size of GOP Sen. The most massive were the May 22, primaries of the United Russia, which could vote for every citizen who has an active electoral right.

By Kevin Modesti kmodesti scng. In the United States, Iowa and New Hampshire have drawn attention every four years because they hold the first caucus and primary election, respectively, and often give a candidate the momentum to win their party's nomination.

She has tried to rally Republican voters by emphasizing her military background as the first U.